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Most Recent Publications

Sarah Lehnert, Claudio DiBacco, Mallory Van Wyngaarden, Nich W. Jeffery, Ben J. Lowen, Emma Sylvester, Brendan F. Wringe, Ryan R. E. Stanley, Lorraine Hamilton, and Ian R. Bradbury. “Fine-scale temperature associated genetic structure between inshore and offshore populations of sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus).” Heredity (2018). Link.

Ryan R. E. Stanley, Claudio DiBacco, Ben Lowen, Robert G. Beiko, Nick W. Jeffery, Mallory Van Wyngaarden, Paul Bentzen, David Brickman, Laura Benestan, Louis Bernatchez, Catherine Johnson, Paul V. R. Snelgrove, Zeliang Wang, Brendan F. Wringe and Ian R. Bradbury. “A climate-associated multispecies cryptic cline in the northwest Atlantic.” Science Advances (2018). Link.

Mallory Van Wyngaarden, Paul V. R. Snelgrove, Claudio DiBacco, Lorraine C. Hamilton, Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, Luyao Zhan, Robert G. Beiko, and Ian R. Bradbury. “Oceanographic variation influences spatial genomic structure in the sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus.” Ecology and Evolution (2018). Link.

Marion Sinclair-Waters, Paul Bentzen, Corey J. Morris, Daniel E. Ruzzante , Matthew P.
Kent, Sigbjørn Lien, and Ian R. Bradbury. “Genomic tools for management and conservation of Atlantic Cod in a coastal marine protected area.”  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (2018). Link.

Emma Sylvester, Paul Bentzen, Ian R. Bradbury, Marie Clément, Jon Pearce, John Horne, and Robert G. Beiko. “Applications of random forest feature selection for fine-scale genetic population assignment.” Evolutionary Applications (2018). Link.

Ian R. Bradbury, Brendan F. Wringe, Beth Watson, Ian Paterson, John Horne, Robert G. Beiko, Sarah J. Lehnert, Marie Clément, Eric C. Anderson, Nicholas W. Jeffery, Steven Duffy, Emma Sylvester, Martha Robertson, and Paul Bentzen. “Genotyping-by-sequencing of genome-wide microsatellite loci reveals fine-scale harvest composition in a coastal Atlantic salmon fishery.” Evolutionary Applications (2018). Link.