NEW POSTDOC POSITIONS FOR 2021 – Postdoctoral Fellow positions with Fisheries and Oceans Canada on fisheries genomics in Halifax, NS, Canada.

Positions: Several postdoctoral fellow positions (3) are available at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Halifax, NS) with the Bradbury Lab. Species of primary interest are Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Charr, Redfish, Lobster, and Snow Crab.  The lab’s research is broadly concerned with the application of genomic tools to inform marine management and conservation.

Candidates must have a PhD in fisheries science, population genetics, genomics, oceanography or a related field, and strong quantitative skills.

Application: Please email Ian Bradbury ( with (1) a letter describing your interests a position and your previous research experience, and (2) a recent CV. Formal applications must be submitted through the Postdoctoral Research Program through Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Review of will applications begin right away with several positions available ASAP, and will continue throughout 2021.

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